Tips To Keep Pests Out of Your Gutters

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Can you imagine something more unpleasant than a pest infestation? Many homeowners think they’re in the clear because they don’t always take the time to see what’s going on inside their rain gutters. One of the reasons contractors are always stressing the importance of Gutter Cleaning relates to all the problems that pests can unleash on a home, including water damage and diseases among people and pets. If you have a rain gutter, pest control is a must.

Do You Have a Pest Problem?

It’s not always easy to recognize the early signs of a pest problem. Most of these insects and animals specifically go for dark, narrow spaces to build their nests. This, along with the dampness left after a storm, is one of the reasons why pests are so drawn to rain gutters. A pest problem often entails having parts of your property invaded by one or more of the following:

  • Insects like wasps, cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, bugs, etc.
  • Rodents like rats and mice.
  • Birds.
  • Small reptiles.
  • Squirrels.

An infestation problem might not damage your gutters right away, but it will still affect their structure and even trigger corrosion on the material. As the pests eat away the gutter, leaks and cracks will become more common, and you’ll have to make more repairs later on. A major infestation problem could even warp your gutters due to the added weight of insects and animals dwelling inside. Needless to say, all these problems lead to water damage to your home.

Obviously, the infestation won’t stay inside your gutters if you don’t control the pest on time. It’s not hard for some of these critters and crawlers to move from your gutters to your chimney, vents, and windowsills. From there, it’s only a matter of time before these pests get inside your home. When it comes to structural damage, pests can gradually tear down parts of your roof and the walls that become exposed to animal droppings will likely start rotting.

Above all, you must think about your own well-being and the health of all household members. Pests are a major health hazard, and your home deserves nothing short of the best hygiene conditions. Depending on what you’re dealing with, you can have countless diseases being spread all over your living spaces, contaminating your home surfaces and even your food. Pests are usually joined by mold and moisture buildup, adding many health risks like infections, skin irritation, and respiratory diseases.

How To Prevent a Pest Problem

There’s everything to gain and nothing to lose from upgrading your defenses against pests. Even if you follow a strict cleaning routine, many of these animals are sneaky, so you might not be able to get to the root of the problem without a more focused effort. Let’s talk about what you can do to keep pests out of your gutters:

  • Regular cleaning: This is really the most important step. The best hygiene practices are a basic solution to prevent the reproduction of pests and the spread of germs and bacteria. If you clean your gutters every week, you’ll effectively stop pests from spreading to other parts of your house. Keep an eye out for food residue and animal droppings to track the location of potential nests inside the gutter. Rain gutters combine many elements that insects and rodents look for in their nests you can’t really afford to neglect your cleaning routine for months and just hope for the best.
  • Install gutter guards: On top of keeping debris and dirt off your gutters, gutter guards also ward off insects and small animals. Any pest trying to slip into your gutters will end on top of your guards instead, and this is obviously easier to clean. The main advantage is that you won’t risk clogs on your gutters because the amount of sediment and pests getting inside will be considerably smaller.
  • Install gutter screens with a mesh cover: Similar to gutter guards, a gutter screen acts as a barrier that blocks any external elements from slipping inside the gutter. Plastic screens are common among those who don’t want to invest in a metal gutter guard, but gutter screens are also available in low-grade metals to resemble a guard’s protection.
  • Repair any cracks in your gutters: If you find cracks or fissures marring the material, you have to cover the hole as soon as possible with weatherproof sealant or a metal piece that matches the material your gutter is made of. The smallest crack is already wide enough to let insects like flies, cockroaches, spiders, and mosquitoes inside your gutters.
  • Make adjustments in your yard: Sometimes, the elements in your garden bed provide easy access for pests to get to your gutters. If there are many brush piles around your yard or bushy trees reaching your roof, you may need to do some trimming to make your landscaping less crowded.

Get Rid of Pests with the Best Gutter Cleaning Service

As the property owner, you constantly need to conduct maintenance on your gutters, but this doesn’t mean you have to do all the work on your own. The best way to preserve your gutters’ integrity is by hiring a professional cleaning service twice a year. All pests, dirt, debris, and sediment will be meticulously removed, and your contractor will go over all parts of the gutter, including areas that your equipment has trouble reaching during your own cleaning sessions.

Rain Gutters Solution can help you keep a beautiful, pest-free gutter all year long. Our company offers a comprehensive cleaning service by the hands of the best gutter maintenance specialists, along with a variety of accessories that can also enhance your gutter’s performance. We count on the most advanced equipment to do a thorough job, so you can counter a potential infestation before it has time to cause substantial damage to your gutters and your home.

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