Is It Worth It to Clean Your Own Gutters?

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If you’ve ever owned a rain gutter, you know that Rain Gutter Cleaning is one of the basic requirements to keep the gutter in good condition for a long time. You should clean your gutters at least twice a year to prevent the accumulation of debris. And if you live in a tropical area, your gutters might require some extra care after a long period of storms.

What Is Gutter Cleaning?

Gutter cleaning involves removing all the dirt that ends up inside the gutter. In most cases, this means the debris that falls from the roof and plant elements that the wind carries around. If you spend too long without checking the amount of dirt that remains inside the gutters, you’ll eventually get clogs around the seams and inside the downspouts.

To give you a rundown of the process, you need to flush out the dirt inside the gutter or collect it by hand after gathering all the debris in one spot for easy access. Then, you have to wash the outside of the gutter if you don’t want it to look neglected. Rain gutters are subjected to the elements at all times, so it’s expected to find stains and a fine layer of dust on their surface.

In addition, gutter cleaning also involves blowing out the dirt that sits on the roof, since most of it will end up inside the gutter the next time it rains. Due to their location right above the gutter, your root’s soffit and fascia should also be washed.

An effective process requires the following tools:

  • An extension ladder. A traditional stepladder doesn’t provide enough stability and it won’t let you reach far enough inside the gutter.
  • A garden hose, a leaf blower, or a wet/dry vacuum to drive the dirt off the gutter.
  • The necessary attachments to make the equipment reach the gutters from a distance.
  • Protective gear, especially goggles and gloves to cover the face and hands, respectively. Also, baggy clothes allow more movement.
  • A large bucket or garbage bag to collect the debris, leaves, twigs, and sediment falling off the roof. Most of it will land around the surrounding pavement/garden.

Can I Clean My Own Gutters?

It’s always useful to get familiar with correct gutter cleaning practices, especially if your gutters happen to attract a lot of dirt throughout the year. Cleaning and maintenance will always bring more thorough results when done by a professional, but are there any advantages from cleaning your own gutters?

Homemade cleaning can be rewarding under the right circumstances. Seasoned gutter owners gradually develop enough insight to discover potential problems in little time. This experience can also be aided by the person’s physical endurance since gutter cleaning often involves climbing an extension ladder to wash the gutter inside and out.

Even then, homeowners should never perform gutter maintenance on their own, if you don’t have another person helping along, you risk sloppy results and personal injury, especially while standing on the ladder and juggling your equipment. An assistant will also allow quicker progress because they can help collect the dirt falling off the roof.

You can also get great results if you have the right tools to clean the gutters from the ground. You’d still need an extension to reach the gutter, and powerful equipment to get everything out. At the very least, this will help you eliminate enough dirt to prevent clogs while letting a gutter cleaning company do the rest.

Now, if you own gutters around your building’s second or third floor, leaving the cleaning to professionals is the safest option. For one, your local hardware store is not likely to have the right tools to do an effective job. More importantly, greater heights also increase the chances of suffering an accident.

A Professional Company Should Clean Your Gutters Each Year

It’s always useful to learn the basics of rain gutter maintenance, but you should still trust the expertise of a professional rain gutter cleaning company to preserve your gutters in the long run. Companies like Rain Gutters Solution have built a reputation in the home improvement industry for providing all the resources needed for a thorough cleaning job.

We offer decades of combined experience, and our skilled technicians specialize in the maintenance of residential and commercial gutters alike. We also have top-tier equipment to reach every part of your guttering system, and this level of effectiveness remains the same for all gutter profiles. In addition, our team will inspect your gutters and offer a solution for problems that could compromise your investment later on.

You can do a lot to minimize the work in the months leading up to the appointment, but you still shouldn’t miss the chance to hire a professional rain gutter cleaning service at least once or twice a year. We will prepare your gutters for the rainy season and help you preserve your peace of mind.

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