Get to Know The 5 Most Frequent Rain Gutter Repairs

This article was written and published by Rain Gutters Solution.

One of the most harmful things to your house is rainwater since it can cause leaks, flooding, water marks on the walls and stagnant water. These are only some of the damages that rainwater can bring to your property if you don’t have your rain gutters working properly, so to prevent all these issues, we recommend having frequent rain gutter repair service, in this way you will avoid worst consequences, such as structural damages to your home that could end up in costly restorations. These repairs should be done by professionals to get the best results.

Exist some repairs that represent the most recurrent rain gutter problems among our clients, here are 5 of them:

  1. Broken rain gutters. Sometimes high winds, rain or the weight of debris can cause that extensive sections of the rain gutters become broken or sagged, these damaged parts can severely harm your house or anything below them, like cars, furniture, plants or even people, which is very common during hurricanes season. For this reason, is very important to hire a professional rain gutter restoration company that replace and renew your rain gutters, making them work perfectly again.
  2. Leaks. Sometimes your rain gutters can become worn by the effects of natural elements over time, such as sunlight, rainwater and dirt, to the point where repairs are necessary. The required repairs can go from very simple applying a sealant on the damaged sections, to very complex changing the whole rain gutter. In any of these cases is important that specialist technicians make a diagnosis and give their recommendations to the homeowner to make a decision.
  3. Broken downspouts. The downspout is a very important piece of your drainage system since it takes water from the rain gutter to a specific point on the ground, but when it becomes damaged, it tends to deliver water to the wrong place, like the house’s foundation and water seeps into the house. This is a very serious situation because the water will weaken the house and cause structural instability, which should be assessed by a rain gutters expert to proceed to execute an action plan.
  4. Repairs due to an incorrect installation. This is a very common issue that we find when doing the evaluation of the problem, because it may look like an easy job, but installing a rain gutter is more complex than most people think. Sometimes homeowners decide to do it by themselves or hire an unknown company to save some money, which can cause more problems than solutions, such as rain gutters with the wrong angle. This situation happens when the rain gutters are not well installed, therefore, repairs become necessary.
  5. Sagging rain gutters. With time, the hangers that hold the rain gutters can become worn and loose and when this happens, hangers require to be fixed or in some cases changed. If you don’t do it rain gutters will collapse because of the weight and cause more damage, not only to the drainage system but also the house. So, do not wait until this happens and look for professional help once you realize the problem.

If you find yourself in any of the situations above where your rain gutters need professional repairs, the best you can do is to look for a reliable rain gutters company, like Rain Gutters Solution that will guarantee the best outcome without wasting your time or money. Repair work may look very simple and easy to perform; however, it is recommended that it be done by trained personnel from a well-known company that counts with the appropriate equipment, rather than doing the repairs yourself or a company with a questionable reputation. You must do all of this to prevent further damage, repairs, and inconveniences. Remember, your home’s safety is not something to be taken lightly.

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